There could be many reasons for you to visit a Brisbane strip club. Your best mate is about to get married and you are part of the stag party. Perhaps, you just needed a fun place to treat yourself after a busy week. Whichever it is, surely you deserve to have a great time with yourself or with your friends.

However, there are things that you must never do whenever you are at an adult club. These could totally wreck your entire experience so do your best to avoid them.


Splurged on a VIP booth and a private lap dance? Then make sure you’re not yet too wasted when you get to the room and end up dozing off instead of enjoying each moment. Don’t forget that some joints will charge you for this service by the ten-minute block. You might end up waking up from your nap without any recollection of how you got such a big bill.

Snoozing while dancers are performing is also a no-no. You don’t want to give the strippers the impression that you find them too boring that all their gyrating isn’t enough to awaken your senses. If you’re too tired, then why bother hitting the club?


Remember to always wear something comfortable. You might stick to your ever reliable favourite shirt and pair of jeans. However, these pants can be a bit constricting especially if you are planning to get a lap dance. Plus, the Brisbane strip club entertainers might find these rough and uncomfortable when it touches their skin. Instead, wear khakis for the night.


Know what your limits are when it comes to alcoholic drinks. You will want to have your fill of liquor, but remember that you also want to be able to remember the whole experience. And it’s best to end the night with positive memories rather than with big problems such as having trouble getting home and or losing your car keys, wallet, or phone.


When you are in a strip club, make sure that you do not get involved in a scuffle. When you are surrounded with alcohol-filled and testosterone-fuelled chaps, fistfights can usually arise even from minor issues such as a spilled glass of beer. When this happens, do not let anger overcome you. Just stay away from quarrels by staying reasonable throughout the night. Not to mention keeping out of trouble means not getting kicked out or banned from the club.


You must never offer payment to have sex with a stripper. Even if you are single, you will never get lucky in a Brisbane strip club because that is against the rules. Do not confuse adult entertainers with prostitutes as these two are quite different.

Do not let your night end abruptly and unpleasantly. When you want to have a great time, you have to avoid doing these things. Also, make sure that you know all of the rules, both spoken and unspoken, of a particular nightclub. Make sure your mates are also informed regarding club policies and etiquette so everyone has a fun experience.

Have you ever wandered around and saw strip clubs in the city? You ever wondered what could be inside these fascinating places that make men happy? If you are turning 21 in a few days, there are now locations that you can go to and events that you can participate in, which you couldn’t do before. You will be dubbed officially an adult, and you will soon experience the bliss and, maybe, some problems you haven’t encountered in the past. As your teenage years are wilting away and your favorite music is becoming considered as old and obsolete, you are, however, welcome to experience new things. Here are the must-try experiences for your 21st birthday:

Visit some clubs. If you ever wondered what makes adults happy whenever they come out of a club, you will finally see it for yourself. You can order exotic mixed cocktails and go dancing with some attractive people on the dance floor. You can also finally buy the shiniest dress you have been eyeing in the department store whenever you shop. Rock those heels as well and dance to the beat with your best look. If you want to be more adventurous, you can visit strip clubs in the city.

Shop for makeup. No more hearing the usual ‘kids these days’, since you will say them to teens now! Sport the heaviest makeup you wanted to try and never get shamed for it. Explore new trends and sport new looks for your future job interviews that you actually dread. But with a bit of makeup, you will be able to finish that interview with confidence and look good doing it!

Travel alone. You can now travel alone without the requirement of parental guidance. You can now explore new locations and countries freely and even do whatever you wanted to try out in the past. May it be moving completely for a new life or simply for a holiday, you can enjoy your freedom. Who knows, the strip clubs in the city might be more enticing than what you bargained for.

Upgrade your entire look. Goodbye chucks and Vans; hello heels and pumps! Your comfortable clothes will be remembered, but it’s time to morph into a beautiful butterfly and wear a more respectable look. Shop for clothes that would bring out the professional in you or even change your look altogether to be like a Vogue model. Meet up with friends and show them your transformation into a fully grown young adult.

There is a lot of things that you can discover as you grow older, and your 21st birthday is only a brief preview of adulthood. You will soon plan your job interviews, engagements, and weddings in the future as well. For now, enjoy the experiences on this list to make your birthday memorable.

Going to a Brisbane adult lounge can be a fun experience, but it can turn awkward if you behave like a douche. Some people have the wrong understanding when it comes to touching, talking, and generally being around exotic dancers. Then again, nobody is being taught proper etiquette in adult establishments at the university. Here is a few general guidelines as to how you can have a memorable, relaxing, and enjoyable night.


For those who will be going to a gentlemen’s club for the first time, trying to chat up with the strippers can be a challenge. The rule of thumb is just not to be rude to her, even if she is half-naked and waving her butt in front of your face.

Avoid using slang or crude language when referring to her body. The same goes for any dirty talk or sexual innuendos, unless she initiates it. Personal questions, such as her real name or where she lives, are not advisable either.

Preferably, compliment her on her performance on the stage or pole if you really want to say something. If you notice that she doesn’t want to talk, respect her boundaries. Don’t even try asking her out for a date, unless she outright tells you that she’s interested in seeing you outside her shift.


As to whether it’s okay to touch an exotic dancer or not, the answer will depend on her preferences and on the establishment she works for. Some places allow light touching as long as permission has been asked beforehand. Some strippers would rather not be caressed at all, and you might get kicked out for your trouble.

When hiring a private dancer for a bachelor party, ask the Brisbane adult lounge prior to the event if they’re okay with touching or not. A few are cool with it in exchange for money or to encourage more tips, but you should never assume.

The stripper might place her hands on your body during a lap dance, yet that doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to let your hands wander too. Just wait for her to guide you.


You must always bear in mind that women are often in the stripping business for the money. There are special cases wherein they’re in the biz to dance or show off her body. However, not everyone is like that.

By tipping a dancer, you’re telling her that you appreciate her effort and her skill, so don’t hesitate to do so. As to when you should give the tip, throughout the performance is your best bet. Giving a large amount? Break it into smaller amounts, so it will last until her dance has ended.

You’ll want to start tipping early on as it can sometimes motivate the stripper to perform better and more enthusiastically. This is because she feels that you appreciate her work and art and would like to show you more of what she can do.

To sum it all up: just be a gentleman towards the exotic dancers wherever and whenever you go to a Brisbane adult lounge. They will surely like you more that way.